we make you matter

As professional storytellers, we believe in the inherent human pursuit to connect and mobilize efforts through shared story.  These stories appeal to our senses and serve across time, space, modality and circumstance.  In our work at RoShamBo, we believe in helping our clients tell their stories.  We blend a mix of “show + tell” to build emotionally engaging and relevant material to enhance brand communications for a versatile base of businesses and organizations.

Your marketing story starts here. The earlier we are invited to the development phase of your new venture, the better we can serve you — though we are a plug-n-play firm and can jump in just about anywhere.

We are born out-of-the-box, marketing strategists and visual storytellers, driven by the collective brain power of 2 creatives. We balance right brain ideas with left brain analytics, delivering concepts that are strategic, memorable, and feasible.

Our 24/7 revolves around all things that foster an everyday experience that is mindful, artful and playful.  Our motto: Mind your art, and play!

Mallory Logan

owner / creative director

When not flailing at a variety of outdoor endeavors, Mallory serves on City Council and works on checking obscure goals and new hobbies off her “40 before 40” list. 


Keela Gendron

senior designer